Suzie's 5-File Set Files

Suzie's MUST-HAVE Files

These files are all you need for sculpting Acrylic, Gel, and also for finishing natural nails

Mint Fine File 240/240

  • For smoothing
  • Gentle enough for natural nails

Pink Medium File 180/180

  • For shaping
  • Delicate yet strong grit

Violet Coarse File 100/100

  • For sculpting
  • Low profile for ease between nail and finger

Purple Sandy Sponge 80/80

  • For sanding
  • Flexible to surround the nail

Mint and White Smooth & Shine Sponge 300/4000

  • One side buffs, one side shines
  • Creates a top coat like shine without product
Note: depending on your location, your order may be subject to international duty fees

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